WHO I Am ?

That is a very good question to start with. I have contemplated it myself many times, and honestly, I don't have any real answer. If I go by the rules of the world, I am a guy who goes by the name Agrim Tomar, but unfortunately, this nomenclature is something that we have manufactured ourselves to ensure easy identification of individuals of a species. My name, my nationality, my caste, subcaste etc are mere parameters that are there to identify me, rather than, to define me. If I imagine myself to transcend to some far-flanged void of the universe, and, an alien being comes and ask me - "Who are you ?". What will I say ? The above said parameters will be meaningless for him. These parameters are not universal but the way in which I could define myself has to be universal as the existence is universal. 

I am looking for the answer.

I am using this platform to express my ideas to the void. 

I could have used many popular mediums like Quora for the same and I could have given me wider readership but there remains an element of social eyes (in the form of views, likes & comments). I feels that this element coagulates clear thinking and expressing oneself freely. I didn't want to spend even a strain of thought for appeasement, so not only I refrained from using such popular platforms but also removed all the social eyes from this website as well.  

This is a blend of dichotomy - although I am expressing myself but at the same time expressing it to none. A true void.